Dores Architecture

Dores Architecture has long experience in wooden architecture and can offer its clients various and modern architectural solutions – be it lovely family home, carport, sauna, holiday home or modern public building. Dores Architecture offers individual approach to each client, professional tips and tricks, visualization and facade drawings. To realize the idea of a dream house easier and faster, you can select one of Dores excisting projects, or use them as inspiration objects, adapting to personal needs and lifestyle.

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Phone: +371 28327647


Dore’s collaboration architects

We cannot imagine the development of our projects without our collaboration partners. There are various architects, that are our partners for a long time. The collaboration has become very powerful and that is one of the reasons why amazing projects has become to reality and will continue in the future.

Ija Rudzite_200 x 190 (2)
Ija Rudzite
Architect, 5.iela LTD., author of many significant buildingsPhone: + 371 29490187
Mikus Zakis mazaaka_5 (2)
Mikus Zakis

Phone: +371 26188457



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