Dores lifestyle
Dores lifestyle

Dores lifestyle is all about the freedom granted by a careful attitude towards the environment and any living being. Every attempt at understanding natural processes is one step closer to ourselves. Each of us is a part of nature and this is precisely why we believe that life in a natural environment is crucial for every single inhabitant of our planet.

Realising the consequences of your actions is the path to a better world. This is as true for ecology as it is for your family, travel and life in general.

We believe that the clients of the Dores Factory have not only been wise in choosing their home, but also act responsibly towards global processes and future generations, acting as ambassadors for a better future.


Our clients represent all walks of life, but they are all united by their love for timber and nature. Anyone who has ever stayed, even briefly, in a timber house or enjoyed a log-cabin sauna in the countryside will not be able to refuse the idea of one day building their own source of warmth and pleasure – a real wooden house.

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