DORES factory

Technology, innovation and the common good are cornerstones of our philosophy at the Dores Factory. Our team of technicians carefully keeps its finger on the pulse of innovation and constantly assesses which developments may be suited for the technologies of our factory and the requirements of modern life.

The Dores Factory holds an award-winning patent for an innovative element of construction for log houses – our own patented corner joint which stops wind, rain and frost. We constantly have several products and solutions in development, which first get tested and later, if requirements are met, put on the market for our clients.

Everything we do at the factory is assessed for potential benefits toward the environment and the people that live in it. As one example of this, our factory is built on a reclaimed and cleaned-up plot of land that was previously used as an illegal dump site. We also proud ourselves as a significant employer of people living in the local community.

Watch the full production process of Dores log houses in this video:

The most modern and contemporary log house producer in Europe:

– The latest production lines made by Hundegger, Forma Machinery, Mida and Weinig guarantee perfect precision and quality for each and every element of our log houses;

– Construction elements are precisely labelled according to individual projects, ensuring flawless on-site installation;

– Each element and detail thoroughly undergoes quality control;

– The pieces are properly packaged to prevent damage in transit or on the construction site;

– A founding member of the Dores Factory is also the well-known timber processing machinery and technology developer Forma Machinery, which means the specialists at our factory are experts at the technology with immense experience and knowledge;

– The quality of every Dores log house is guaranteed by internationally certified timber suppliers of Latvia and Finland;

– Perfect milling and a unique corner joint technology ensures protection from sidewinds, frost and excessive moisture;

– The factory’s capacity allows for speedy production – the Dores Factory can produce an entire house in one day;

– Special timber drying technologies reduce sag in the finished house to a minimum;

– Technologies used at the Dores Factory can be easily adjusted to suit the ideas of any architect.




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