The cleanliness of the place around us, leave a positive impact on human health and emotional background, therefore, we have made an article about natural cleaning products for your house! We  prepared some recommendations on how natural ingredients will help you in daily cleaning work.

Did you know that cleansers can be gentle towards your home, your beloved ones and environment?

Grease and dirt

The hardest part of cleaning in the kitchen or dishes is to get done with grease, but if you mix washable sodium carbonate with hot water – we get soft cleaning product, which will release dishes from grease.

For cleaning oily, even waxy surface the best product is vinegar, and moreover, vinegar prevents mold.

Alcohol and lemon juice are great products for disinfection, lemon juice will be great for various cutting surface disinfection, but alcohol works for flat surface disinfection as well it cleans plastic surface form dirt effectively.


Unpleasant smells

Unpleasant smells helps eliminate lemon and coffee. You can place natural coffee in fridge or pantry and it will absorb the smell. Placing lemon slice next to trash bin will refresh the air. If some unpleasant smell has been founded in freezer – drinking sodium carbonate will help.

If clogging and smells arises in sink you can use a vinegar with soda – pour in sodium carbonate and rinse off with vinegar, all odor triggers will be killed and washed away with such chemical reaction.

After cooking on wooden board a meal which have strong and specific aroma (fish for example), smell will fade if you wash it with vinegar or lemon and warm water.




If every day cleaning process asks for soap, we suggest you to use natural soap which does not contain perfume, refined petroleum products and is not in flakes of powder texture. These kind of soap divides in nature themselves and are high quality stain liquidators.

To clean very dirty fabrics and curtains they need to be soaked up in warm water where cooking salt has been added and leave it for a night. There is quite big possibility that fabrics will get clean, however, if it seems, that process needs to be continued, you can put it in washing machine.

Lemon can be used to whiten the clothes. It will not only whiten clothes, but will disinfect them from different kind of bacteria.

If red vine just have been poured on tablecloth, you need to sprinkle salt before on the stain and only after that wash the tablecloth. If there is oily stain poured on the carpet – sprinkle corn starch on the stain and wait for 30 minutes, after this process neatly vacuum the corn starch. Corn starch can be used for windows cleaning and furniture polishing as well.



Sedimentation is the tendency for particles in suspension to settle out of the fluid in which they are entrained and come to rest against a barrier. Sediment have no effect on human health but it causes a discomfort and feeling of dirtiness.

To clean a calcified kettles inside, there is no necessity to buy chemically, because the best way to clean kettle is to boil 2cups of water + 3 spoons of vinegar or 2 cups of water + 2 spoons of citric acid, as you prefer. Of course, dot forget to wash it after.

Sodium carbonate will help you to get rid of sediment from mirrors or glass surface. If sediment arises in toilet bowl, you can use vinegar and sodium carbonate as well. First sprinkle sodium carbonate and after scrub with sponge which is soaked up in vinegar.

Lemon will help to remove calcium sediment from the water taps and shower. You need to scrub lemon in the surface and wash it off with the water.

Keep in mind!

Regular cleaning facilitates daily cleaning and greatly increases the service life of the items.


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