Fitting in with surrounding architecture or the environment is a pre-requisite for a beautiful and harmonious house. The roof – an essential part of a house. It contributes greatly to the creation of the image of the construction and, definitely, protects from rain, scorching heat, snow and wind.

But how does one understand and select the type of roofing that would suit each house best? What roofing materials are favoured by owners of wooden houses? We hereby offer a brief insight into the main types of roofing.

Roofing Materials For A Wooden House


Environmentally friendly and durable material – this is the main argument of wooden house builders and owners, when selecting the roofing material. The roof must serve for several decades and, definitely, it must have an elegant look, while not stealing the show from the façade of the house. Therefore, pantiles or flat tiles are among the most popular types of roofing.

The range of tile design and colour offer is wide, each end user has an opportunity to select the type that best suits their needs. Although concrete tiles are especially popular in Scandinavia, Europeans favour clay tiles.

Despite the fact that this is by no means the cheapest of materials, customers understand that by selecting clay tiles for instance, they will serve for almost 100 years. It is an investment in wellbeing and, despite the high initial cost it will definitely pay off in the long term by saving time and materials, as well as providing peace of mind and comfort.


Roofing Materials For A Wooden House


It is important to remember that the minimum inclination of tile roofing is 14oand, therefore, they cannot always be used on all wooden buildings. PVC membranes provide an alternative, frequently selected by home owners. PVC membranes are also available in a wide range and they differ in terms of service life, technical properties, methods of installation and colour.

A metal roof is a modern and sustainable option for wooden houses. The flat tin sheet roofing solution, which was seemingly traditional some time ago, has now become one of the “trends” of private house architects and an attribute of minimalism. This is an excellent choice for roofs with either a steep or slight inclination. Metal roofs provide an image of “lightness”, do not create a visually heavy image and emphasise the façade of the building. It is perfectly suitable for log houses, as well as timber frame houses. Contemporary metal roofs have excellent insulation, which considerably reduces noise, including the sound of raindrops, which was once so disturbing. The material is also durable and of course, easy to care for.


To find inspiration for the right choice of your house roofing, have a look at our project gallery





The article has been prepared in consultation with SIA Vinteko, the representatives of the BENDERS tile roofing solution.


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