Egons Garklavs

Egons Garklavs

Ideologist of Dores Factory
Sharing knowledge and experience that comes from love for wooden architecture
Gatis Zamurs

Gatis Zamurs

Executive director of Latvian Wood Construction Cluster
Messenger of global and local trends in wooden construction and architecture
Edgars Buksans

Edgars Buksans

Latvia University of Agriculture, Forest Faculty Associate Professor,

Research and Development Institute of Forests and Wood Manufacturing (MeKa), technical laboratory manager
Teacher of practical and lost wisdom of wood, explaining science simplified
Edgars Ivanovs

Edgars Ivanovs

Developer of Riga Powerhouse
Guide to ecological lifestyle and thinking

Blog de Dores

Matériaux de toiture pour maison en bois

Dores 06.08.2018

L’adéquation par rapport au paysage environnant, que ce soit l’architecture urbaine ou l’environnement rural, est une condition essentielle de toute maison harmonieuse. La toiture est une des parties essentielles de la maison. Le toit définit le style de la construction et, bien sûr, protège de la pluie, de la chaleur, de la neige et du vent.


Produits d’entretien naturels pour votre maison

Dores 29.03.2018

Un environnement sain et un habitat bien agencé ont un effet favorable sur la santé et le bien-être. Comme nous passons beaucoup de temps chez nous, il est très important de maintenir une ambiance saine et de ne pas utiliser de produits chimiques ayant un impact négatif sur la santé. Dores Fabrika a émis des recommandations en ce qui concerne les tâches menagères quotidiennes afin de s’assurer que les produits de nettoyage respectent la nature, la maison et la santé de ses habitants.


Accueillez le printemps avec votre maison en bois Dores!

Dores 12.03.2018

La nature inspire et l’homme crée! Accueillez le printemps avec votre maison en bois Dores! Résidence secondaire, sauna, bungalow ou peut-être votre première maison tant revée?


Les fenêtres sont les yeux de la maison

Dores 15.02.2018

Les rayons du soleil sont tellement chauds le matin, la lumière caresse le bureau et l’ambiance dans la maison devient si agréable, c’est pour toutes ces raisons que les fenêtres jouent un rôle majeur lors de la conception d’une maison. On dit que les fenêtres sont les yeux de la maison, donc une des choses les plus importantes lors de la construction. Comment choisir la meilleure solution pour votre logement ? Nous allons étudier les avantages des fenêtres en bois, leur valeur et l’entretien nécessaire garantissant presque 100 ans d’utilisation.


Residental houses in Moscow

Dores 15.01.2016

Lets partake a chance to explore the newly realized projects in Moscow. Beautiful residental houses in Moscow can give their owners the most precious experience and value of life – sharing love and caring for each other through out generations.    

“Lejaskukri” wooden house farmstead in north of Vidzeme

Dores Fabrika 30.07.2015

A living testimonial of destinies of people and Latvia. A story about century-old wooden house and Dores’ patented corner joint, mixed with deeply rooted family traditions, joys and sorrows; the story of the family home of one of the founders of Dores Factory, Kristaps Drone.

DORES log houses. DORES home in Turaida, Latvia.

Dores Fabrika 30.07.2015

DORES log house in a picturesque town Turaida in Latvia. A family home, finished this spring, inhabited by a lovely couple who most of all about their house love its big terrace, spacious and bright living room, sauna and a cosy kitchen where even washing dishes is a great pleasure.
Project architect: Mikus Zaķis

Wooden skyscraper: a creative ambition or a rational decision?

Gatis Zamurs 09.07.2015

 “I’ve seen people come into my buildings and hug wooden columns. I’ve never seen them hug steel or concrete columns.”

Michael Green, architect,
TED Talks.    

Dores flying wooden house in Swiss mountains

Dores Factory 07.07.2015

The assembly of Dores most exciting project has started! Eagerly awaited, carefully planned and particularly cherished the Dore’s wooden house in Switzerland is being developed in a close cooperation with its owner engineer Max. As the house is located high in Swiss mountains, assembly becomes an adventure and the only way how to carry logs to the building site is by a helicopter. Take a look at the very begging of its assembly!    

Dores ready for Ecobuild exhibition in London!

admin 28.02.2014

We invite everyone to visit us at the Ecobuild 2014 exhibition in London from 4-6 March to take part in the world’s leading event for sustainable design, construction, energy and the built environment.    

Tips how to take care of a wooden house

Edgars Buksans 30.07.2015

Wood as a material is essentially everlasting; for instance, an 800-year-old wooden church in Norway serves as a living proof. In order to ensure that this living material serves well, one must understand it and know how to take care of a wooden house. Edgars tells about longevity of wooden houses and wood finishing solutions.    

Dores Factory praised as responsible and sustainable company

Dores 28.02.2014

Dores Factory was recently the first company in Latvia to try out the new online self-assessment tool called Responsible Business Evaluation. Previously a sustainability assessment index was available only for larger companies, however, now also smaller businesses can use the tool to evaluate their level of sustainability. Dores was praised for its foresight, determination and awareness.    

Wooden skyscraper: a creative ambition or a rational decision?

Gatis Zamurs 08.07.2015

 “I’ve seen people come into my buildings and hug wooden columns. I’ve never seen them hug steel or concrete columns.”

Michael Green, architect,
TED Talks, watch the video here    

Planting forests on Dore’s birthday!

Dores Factory 25.05.2015

As of last year we have started a beautiful new tradition – planting forests on every Dore’s birthday! We aim to continue this tradition as long as there is space for young forest stands in Latvia. Have a look at this year’s celebration.    

Tips for choosing sustainable building materials

Dores Factory 25.05.2015

When building a home, future homeowners have to take a number of decisions – from choosing the materials for the construction of the building to furnishing it. Our expert on ecological lifestyle highlights what should be taken in consideration when making choices for your future home to be sure that you’ve chosen sustainable building materials.    

Discover traditions of wooden architecture in Latvia and Europe

Dores Factory 15.04.2015

The beginning of the year marked a release of a new book, “A Latvian’s home”. The author of the book, Janīna Kursīte, is well known in Latvia as a literature specialist, folklorist, linguist and a writer. Apart from being passionate about language and the written word, she is also passionate about wooden architecture and wooden houses. Since 1999 the writer has gone on many expeditions near and far; her travels have led her to homes of Latvians in Russia, Belarus and the West.    

Wooden station for the only aerial cable-way in the Baltic States

Dores Factory 18.03.2015

A Dores’ home at the most romantic and most extreme tourism object in Latvia – by the aerial cable-way in Sigulda.    

Environmentally friendly and sustainable home for the owner and the Earth alike

Edgars Ivanovs 18.03.2015

Edgars Ivanovs, a supporter of sustainable lifestyle, will broaden your horizons on building an energy-efficient home and what it means to be living in one. It soon becomes evident that an energy-efficient home is not only a beautiful and logical choice, but also a beneficial one.    

Actions, not homes, cause fire hazard

Edgars Buksans 18.03.2015

When hearing of house fires, people automatically associate them with wooden houses. Edgars Bukšāns, the technical laboratory manager of Research and Development Institute of Forests and Wood Manufacturing (MeKa), explains how safe is wood and that the construction material makes little difference when acting recklessly.    

Greetings from Ecobuild in London!

Dores Factory 04.03.2015

This week from 3rd of March through 5th of March Dores Factory is taking part in Ecobuild exhibition in London. Ecobuild is the largest marketplace of sustainable and environmentally conscious design, construction and energy in Europe.    

Scientific study concludes: wood is the warmest

Dores Factory 02.03.2015

It is two and a half years since a Dores’ home has been a part of a long-term experiment. It pleases us to see that the unique study of the wooden house shows better results than predicted by Dores’ experts and the energy efficiency indexes surpass those of other popular construction materials.    

The charm of the Land of the Rising Sun or interesting facts about houses in Japan

Dores Factory 02.03.2015

Dores Factory was exploring the east this February, taking part in “Eco House & Eco Building Expo” in Tokyo, Japan. To find out more about the importance of a home and traditions in this distant land we engaged in a conversation with the first Ambassador of Latvia in Japan Pēteris Vaivars and his wife Rina.     

Back into the woods: global construction trends show that people are returning to wooden houses

Egons Garklavs 02.03.2015

Ideologist and creator of Dores Factory Egons Garklavs tells his recent observations in global construction trends that people are returning to wooden houses.